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Interviewing Zbigniew Tyszka, IMF Pro Macelifter, 15 kg category

  An interview with Zbigniew Tyszka, IMF Pro Macelifter, 15 kg category IMF: Hi Zbigniew, introduce yourself so that we can get to know you better. ZT: Hello. My name is Zbigniew Tyszka and I am a grappling coach at Piranha Gdynia Grappling Team. IMF: Where do you live and where do you train? ZT: I live in the city of Gdynia, Poland. IMF: How and when did you start training with a macebell? ZT: I started training macebell seriously in July 2020 after training with Michał and Wojtas from Barbalians. I became interested in ballistic training in March 2020 after watching Iranian and Indian wrestlers on YouTube. IMF: What do you like  about Macelifting? ZT: Training with macebells greatly improves arm and grip strength   which is the basis of grappling. No previous training has had such a positive effect on my body. IMF: What advice would you give new macelifters who start their adventure with this sport? ZT: You have to invest in equipment because it is the key to the development. IMF: In


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the pandemic, many macelifters have not been able to train properly for the IMF's international online championship.  We have considered canceling it, but out of respect for the macelifters who have trained we will keep it. Registration will be free! Macelifters interested in participating only have to register by sending the information requested in the previous post. In the competition, the category of mace can be validated. No CMM, MM, IMM or WCMM titles will be awarded in case of reaching the required result. Be a macelifter!  IMF _______________________________________________________ COMUNICADO IMPORTANTE: Debido a la pandemia, muchos macelifters no han podido entrenar correctamente para el campeonato internacional online de la IMF. Hemos considerado cancelarlo, pero por respeto a los macelifters que se han entrenado lo mantendremos.  El registro será gratuito! Los macelifters interesados en participar solo tienen que registrarse enviando la inf

1st Macelifting International Championship

  Welcome to the 1st Macelifting International Championship  Dear Country representatives and athletes, to develop and promote Macelifting in the world, the International Macelifting Federation (IMF) organizes its first international championship.  Due to the current health situation, two possibilities of participation are offered to maclifters: 1. ONLINE PARTICIPATION: At the Online participation we will be needing video or videos of your lifting, including weighing the macebell and your body weight Each ranked athlete that participates will receive a medal and a digital certificate with his results.  The competition must take place in accordance with IMF rules:   Competition is done under bodyweight categories, athletes will qualify under tests, macebell weight, and age groups.  Competition disciplines: Classic Biathlon, Swing 360º No Limit, Strong Biathlon, Strong Swing 360º No Limit, Do

Interviewing Gastón Giorlando, IMF Pro Macelifter Cat. 25 kg

IMF: Hi Gastón, introduce yourself so we can get to know you better G.G: I was born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina 44 years ago and I train  Kettlebell and Macebell instructors. I am a specialist in macebell swings 300º and 360º with one hand. IMF: Where do you live and where do you train? G.G: I live in Madrid, Spain and I train indoor and outdoor. IMF: How and when did you start training with macebell? G.G: I had two beginnings with this tool, the first was in 2010, after being inspired by watching a video of a professional wrestler, Karl Gotch, teaching his students how to swing a macebell. Although I liked the macebell, I could not master it or connect with it, I did some two-handed swings combining them with my kettlebell training, I left it completely for a few years. Unfortunately I do not have videos of my first swings, I would like to see myself. After that my serious beginning was in 2013, as a result of watching once more another video, this time was Ken Theissen,

Interviewing Michal Slominski - Macelifter Amateur - Poland Co-Representative

  IMF: Hello Michal, introduce yourself so we can get to know you better.  Where do you live, where do you train? M S: Hi. I come from a small town (about 100,000 people) called Grudziądz, where I started my adventure with sport: Weightlifting, rowing, crossfit. I moved to Bydgoszcz, where I crossed my roads with Wojtas. We both train at the XYZ Fight Academy Bydgoszcz club, which gives us great opportunities for development. IMF: How and when did you start training with a mace? M S: My adventure with mace started with Mace Flow trials - because I thought it was what it was for   Along with my appetite, I searched the Internet for other techniques until I found Gastón. In Poland, no one knew about Macelifting then or about the 360 and 300 swings,  techniques were very poor. IMF: What do you like most about Macelifting? M S: What I love about Macelifting is that you can do a very good workout with little weight. I also like when a big man comes from the gym and thinks he will perform 1

Interviewing Wojtas Kosmicki - Macelifter IMF Pro (Poland Co-Representative)

IMF: Hi Wojtas, introduce yourself so we know you a bit better. Where do you live, where do you train...?  W K: Hello everyone! I’m straight guy from Poland who loves unconventional sports. I’ve trained martial arts for 10 years until I’ve met kettlebells. At first kettlebells and cross training supported my fighter’s training but quickly it changed. I fall in love with kettlebells and they became my general form of training for the next 7 years. I’ve became a Kettlebell sport  instructor and competitor. Meanwhile I discovered clubbells and became one of early clubbells instructors in Poland. However clubbellls didn’t steal my heart at that time. Only thanks to Pavel Widuto I discovered balistic tools. Michal Slominski (head coach of the gym when I was trained myself and others) invited him to our gym and he have trained us in basic bulavas and clubbells training. It turned out that we both like this kind of move so much that we decided to create The Barbalinas (Non Governmental Organi

New IMF Pro Macelifter - Wojtas Kosmicki - Poland

  Congratulations to a new Macelifter that reached IMF Pro  Professional Category (15 kg), from Poland Team Barbalians ! Wojtas Kosmicki !!